If you want to present an abstract — or put your work on line, for the participants — send us an email with your name, affiliation, the title of your text and possibly a link on a pdf. The scientific committee decides of its publication on this page.

For practical reason we limit to two the number of papers by participants. Thank you for your understanding.

A variational principle for Kaluza-Klein type theories” Frédéric Hélein.

The Grothendieck Topos of Generalized Functions ” Paolo Giordano.

“Statistical equilibrium of tetrahedra from maximum entropy” Isha Kotecha.

Abstract:Stability of Symplectomorphism Groups of Small Rational Surfaces” Martin Pinsonnault.

Hirzebruch surfaces in a one-parameter family” Fiammetta Battaglia, Elisa Prato, Dan Zaffran.

On The Differential Geometry Of Numerical Schemes And Weak Solutions Of Functional Equations” Jean-Pierre Magnot.

Gravitational spin-orbit coupling in binary systems, post-Minkowskian approximation and effective one-body theory” Donato Bini & Thibault Damour.

Noncommutative Geometry and Diffeology: The Case of Orbifolds” Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour & Jean-Pierre Laffineur.

Vlasov-Poisson-Poisson Equations, Critical Mass And Kordylewski Clouds” Tatiana Salnikova.

Networks Of Coadjoint Orbits: From Geometric To Statistical Mechanics” Alexis Arnaudon.

“Jean-Louis Koszul and the Elementary Structures of Information Geometry”  Frédéric Barbaresco.

“Higher Order Geometric Theory of Information etc.”  Frédéric Barbaresco.

En hommage à Jean-Marie Souriau, quelques souvenirs”  Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Excerpt SMF – Gazette – 133, juillet 2012).

Refraction and Reflexion According to The Principle of General Covariance” Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour.